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Cell phone specs are used all over the world. A total of 14 GSM jammers include preset and static channel assignment bands. The frequency range of each of these bands varies, ranging from 380.2 to 1990 MHz. The frequencies from 921 MHz to 1710.1 MHz are not allocated to the GSM band but are allocated by the FCC for other obligations. Each of these bands also applies separate down link and downlink frequency bands within each pre-assigned band. The down link and down link bands are different from each other to minimize possible interference.

The cell phone jammer is excellent as a tool to help enforce public etiquette rules. One of the first civilian uses of cell phone jammers is specifically as silence and quiet devices in theaters, movie theaters, and lecture halls. By turning on a cell phone jammer, you can be sure that an unexpected call will not spoil the entire experience and will not disturb or distract others in the room.

CDMA (or Code Division Multiple Access) is often found in the United States and Russia, although GSM is also present in these countries. It also encodes each user’s group conversation with a sequence of pseudo-random numbers, which means that the voice data is still protected and filtered so that only those involved in the phone call can receive the data.

What is a cell phone jammer?

A cell phone gsm jammer is a device designed to prevent the use of GSM devices within range. Note that a cell phone jammer works not only directly with phones, but also with various devices (including bugs) that use the same range.

How do cell phone jammers work?

Cell phone jammer operates on a fairly simple scheme, worked out on the suppression of radio signals long before the first GSM devices. Cell phone jammer uses the same range as the cell phone, and fills it with interference, making the intended use of the devices simply impossible.
Why around some cellular jammers the phone “sees” the network?

Cell phone jammers can operate in two modes: adaptive also called intelligent, and constant. In constant mode, the device sends interference to the airwaves continuously and makes it impossible to exchange information between the cell phone and the cell, that is, it completely blocks it. Working in a smart mode, the jammer of cell phones does not “squeeze” the channel, but waits for the beginning of the SMS transmission or incoming/outgoing call (connection with the base station) to block the phone for a few seconds. Intelligent cell phone jammers provide just as much reliability as permanent ones – while making others feel more comfortable, as well as having a number of technological advantages.

Where are cell phone jammers needed?

With the proliferation of cell phones, the world has literally changed: the ability to be constantly connected has literally changed the way we think about communication. Turning off the cell phone is perceived by many as quite a lot of stress, causes anxiety, and makes you worry: perhaps that’s why people don’t always turn off their phones at meetings, talks, seminars, and cultural events. Sounds of calls and SMS can easily interrupt somebody’s speech, wiping out its effect, while an urgent call can simply turn a person off the event for several long minutes. Cell phone jammer is able to solve these problems and also provides additional protection against bugs.

What are cell phone jammers?

  • Stationary devices for permanent operation. As a rule, such cellular suppressors are quite visible units, mounted in the center of the ceiling of the meeting room, or installed at various points in lecture halls and movie theaters. Their primary function is to provide hardware assistance with etiquette and to block any activity in the GSM band (and, if necessary, in a number of other bands for mobile communications). Some stationary devices have built-in rechargeable batteries that allow them to continue operating even after a power outage.
  • Camouflaged cellular jammers. Such devices are disguised as some familiar object, such as a watch. For unknown reasons, bugs fail within their range and cell phones stop working. Use of camouflaged suppressors of cellular phones is quite justified in those situations when you do not need to inform all present that the cellular communication will be disconnected.
  • GSM bug suppressor. This is a device usually installed in intercom rooms. A bug suppressor serves to block any activity in the radio band used by spy equipment.
  • Mobile cell phone jammer. This compact device allows you to have the cell phone jammer always with you and protect yourself from both unwanted calls (e.g. in a restaurant) and acoustic listening of your cell phone.
  • Desktop cell phone suppressor in the form of a cup. This model is a simple but effective variant of cellular suppressor. Put your phone in the “glass” and the device will cut off any attempt to listen through it.

The need to purchase a cell phone jammer

Nowadays, the cell phone jammer is a great necessity for medium and large companies, for cultural objects, and also for the protection of private persons from unwanted attention and private information disclosure. Cell phone jammer can have both small enough range and interfere with cellular communications at a large distance (up to 15 meters from the object, which is quite enough, for example, for the cinema). The possibility of a self-contained power supply, power supply from the car battery, or installation with the power supply from the usual electric network makes the use of jammers rather widespread and universal.

Legal aspect

The use of technical means of suppressing signals of cell phones and other means of radio communication belongs to the sphere regulated by the state. In order to legally use cell phone jammers, these devices must be certified for use in the territory of the state and duly registered. The manufacturer or seller (importer) is responsible for certifying the devices. Registration of such equipment is the responsibility of the owner, and a separate certificate must be obtained for each device used, with identification information for that device.

The range and peculiarities of choosing a jammer

If you need a reliable cell phone jammer that you can buy quite inexpensively, pay attention to the following performance characteristics of the models:

Choice of frequency suppression range.

Models such as GSM 3G LTE 4G Wi-Fi Bluetooth and GSM 3G CDMA can not just block the cellular signal. But also protect against hidden wireless cameras and bugs. This parameter is the most important. To find out what frequencies the jammer works with, you can study its description. And also by looking at the device. Each band suppresses its own antenna, so the more “horns” on the product, the more functional it is.

For the installation in a regular office, it is enough the possibilities of such models as GSM 3G – the price and the size of the device are minimal. But with careless employees and colleagues who like to look at the smartphone at work, the device will fight effectively. GP5000 Car Anti-Tracking GPS Blocker, Navigation jammer – https://www.jammer-store.com/gp5000-car-use-gps-jammer-blocker.html

An important technical point. Such jammers, such as GSM 3G CDMA, sometimes have separate switches for each of the suppressed frequencies;

Range parameters.

One model can work up to 100 meters, such as high-powered stationary GSM 3G 4G LTE CDMA 2.4 GHz. Another, such as the GSM 3G, will suppress signals up to 5-10 meters. Don’t rush into buying the most “long-range” devices. Realistically assess your needs. Perhaps an average of 15-20 meters will be enough, as in the case of GSM 3G LTE 4G Wi-Fi Bluetooth?

Battery life parameters.

The characteristic tells you how long the device will be able to work without recharging. Stationary models of GSM 3G LTE 4G LTE CDMA 2.4 GHz jammers do not need to recharge, because they are powered from the network continuously. Accordingly, their duration is unlimited. In other cases, it all depends on the capacity of the battery. Increase the autonomy time many times over by using inexpensive portable chargers.

Important: The latest modifications of jammers, such as GSM 3G LTE 4G Wi-Fi Bluetooth or GSM 3G CDMA, do not need time to cool down. Their design has a special fan, thanks to which the technique does not overheat and can be used without time limitations;

The size of GSM jammers.

If you want to hide the device from prying eyes, choose GSM 3G – without antennas, the model dimensions are slightly larger than the size of an ordinary cigarette pack. You can hide the blocker everywhere, for example on a shelf with books. Unlike hidden video cameras, the jammer does not need to look in a certain direction.

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